Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jersey Shoresical: A Frickin' Rock Opera at Bootleg Theater

The Cast of Jersey Shoresical
Every Wednesday night in July audiences will have the opportunity to witness a television parody like no other with Jersey Shoriscal: A Frinkin’ Rock Opera.  Directed by Drew Droege,  at the Bootleg Theater,  I will admit it, I am a  devout viewer of my guilty pleasure, MTV’s Jersey Shore, so to see it skewed as a rock opera almost made me as happy as when I watch the show. 
This was by far the most meticulously stitched web of comedy and mockery of TV parody that I have seen in quite a while. Daniel Franzese and Hanna Lopatin have taken the best and most ridiculous situations of “The Situation” and the rest of the Jersey crew and turned them into a fun freakin’ rock opera.

With spot on impressions, this cast has taken the time to emulate the Guido and Guidette, in performances that will keep you laughing long after you left the theater and especially when you are sharing the night with your friends the next day.
Book, music, and lyrics are written by Hanna Lopatin and Daniel Franzese.  Franzese whom we love from films like Mean Girls, Bully, and Kill Theory, also plays muscled out juice head Ronnie. In his commitment for the role, Daniel put on about 30lbs of… store-bought, muscle suit (Ha!) to portray the roided out Ronnie.  His duets with Lopatin, who plays Sammi, are powerful and when it needs to be, sweet and lovely.  Highlighting the poison in their relationship the pair sing through the show with “I Fucking Hate you” not to be outdone by  “I Fucking Love you”.

Daniel Franzese and Karen Diconcetto

Karen Diconcetto impression of the little meatball, Snookie,  is fun energetic and loveable.  More than anything, Snookie,  just wants to be loved, and Diconcetto sells an awkward but very funny moment over her desire for a gorilla juice head or even just a pickle during her song “Snookie’s Lament”.

J-Wow played by Mr. Willam Belli (Wonder Woman, Nip/Tuck), at first gave me caution that it would be too “mean” even for a parody.  But Willam is excellent and offers a surprisingly honest drag version of J-Wow and plays the role fantastically.  I don’t think an actress could have done a better job especially in her song “Grow Some Balls”:  Hilarous! And William sings the sh*t out of it!.
If you aren't up to date on the Jersey Shore, the program equips the audience with a Jersey Shore Glossary and also the authors, smartly round out the cast with a trio of Doo Wop girls who help us along the way.  Known as The Random Sluts, played by Kimmy Gatewood, Meghan Parks, and Aynsley Bubbico (best known from GREEK), this Guidette-Slut-Trio complement each other well and bring a great mix of voices to sing the main titled song “At The Jersey Shore”, which was in my head for the rest of the week.
 If you are a fan of “The Shore” you won’t want to miss your chance to fist pump your way to the Bootleg Theater for some simple fun entertainment. The theater has a great beer and wine selection at a reasonable price, and you can’t get a bad seat in the house.  Definitely a lot of fun! - J.J. Barnes -

Jersey Shoresical: A Frickin Rock Opera plays every Wednesday in July at the Bootleg Theater. 
2220 Beverly Blvd.  Los Angeles CA
Tickets are $15 dollars each and you can purchase your tickets on-line here: 

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